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Who are we?

Tandem paragliding in Georgia

FlyZone is a team of professional paraglider pilots who have been working in this field for over 15 years. We provide tandem paragliding services in different regions of Georgia: Tbilisi, Kakheti, Martvili / Okatse / Prometheus cave / Sataplia / Kutaisi, David-Gareji, Uplistsikhe.

With the help of a special towing system, we make high-altitude flights in unique locations, and most importantly – we do it safely! This system allows you to start smoothly from a flat surface, without rocks or cliffs, raising the tandem into the sky to a height of 500 to 1000 meters above ground, followed by a free flight lasting from 10 to 60 minutes (depending on your wishes and the weather conditions). Landing is also as safe as possible, and done at the same place as the start (a prepared and cleared flat area).

We work during every season, and annually make about 5000 flights with passengers. All FlyZone pilots hold international licenses and operate according to required standards of safety and the use of flying equipment.

Our team’s many years of hard work have resulted in the opening of new flight locations in Georgia, record sports flights in these locations, as well as organizing the first international paragliding competitions in Georgia.

What do we offer?

What Are You Looking To Do?

Paragliding is always a very vivid and unforgettable experience! Together with a professional pilot-instructor, you will fly to a height where stunning views of the surrounding mountains open up (under certain weather conditions, flights are even possible at cloud level or higher!). An indescribable feeling of free flight awaits you in the sky, and for the bravest passengers the pilot can perform various aerobatic stunts.

You can find more detailed information in the section “What happens next”.

Flight locations

Where do we fly?

You can choose any location convenient to you:


How do I book a flight?

The most convenient way is to complete the form in the "Booking" section. You will need to choose the location and duration of the flight, indicate how many people want to fly, and also provide contact details.

You can then pay directly online (in this case you get a 10% discount) or choose the option "pay at the location" (we accept card payments). After filling out the booking form, our manager will contact you as soon as possible to clarify the details.

If you need prior consultation with one of our managers, please use the feedback form or write to us at or on +995595381155 (phone, WhatsApp, Viber).

Our gift flight certificates also make the perfect surprise or present for friends.


Your New Adventure

After booking

What happens next?

After you have made a booking and our manager has contacted you to clarify the flight details, you arrive at the agreed meeting point (if you need transportation from the hotel and back, our manager will help you to book it).

We recommend that you wear comfortable footwear (sneakers or running shoes), and take warmer clothes (a shirt or light jacket in summer; a warm jacket, gloves, a scarf and hat in winter).

Preparation for the flight takes about 5 minutes: a short training session and a mandatory check of equipment. When everything is ready, you only need to wait until the instructor says “start”. At this moment, the system automatically accelerates the paraglider, and you only have time to take a few quick steps on the flat ground before you’re already flying!

Immediately after the start the pilot adjusts the camera, which will be recording your flight from beginning to end. On reaching the required height, the tandem detaches from the towing system, and you find yourself in free flight – soar in the sky and enjoy the new and vivid emotions! If you booked a longer flight, the pilot will gain extra height in the ascending thermals, and you will be flying in the same neighborhood as the birds.

Landing is an absolutely controlled operation. It’s not even like a jump, but a smooth and soft drop: before touching the ground, the pilot completely reduces the speed of the paraglider, and you simply touch down on your feet. Landing is done in a flat area, free of stones or other obstacles.

Is it safe?

About safety

The provision of safety is always a top priority in our work! All FlyZone pilots hold international licenses confirming their piloting skills. The equipment used for flights is properly certified and undergoes regular technical inspections. Each tandem is equipped with protective helmets, a radio communications system and an emergency parachute.

Safety at start and landing

The towing system is the safest way to fly up into the sky: the passenger does not need to run off a cliff, while the start and landing are smooth and always take place on pre-selected flat areas free from rocks, bushes and other obstacles.

Are there any weight restrictions?

Yes, due to safe operation of the equipment:
minimum passenger weight: 20 kg
maximum passenger weight: 140 kg

and sign the forms in person with their ID to support it.

Are there any age restrictions?

an instructor

No, although flights with passengers under the age of 18 are only possible in the presence of parents or legal representatives.

Weather conditions

The safety of paragliding depends to a great extent on the competent assessment of weather conditions. At every moment our task is to monitor weather forecasts and other available data, as well as the current situation in the air. All of our pilots have extensive experience assessing and analyzing weather, and we adhere to a simple but very important rule – do not fly in unsuitable weather. If we anticipate any danger, we will recommend that you wait until the weather improves, or move the flight to another day or another location. If this is not possible, we will fully refund any payments you have made. It’s better to fly on a different occasion than to take any unnecessary risks.

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Comments From
Our Clients

Amazing paragliding. Wonderful experience. Very polite staff.

From start to finish it was a good experience. Max the pilot who i flew with was very nice and helpful. Same as the other guy who was helping him. They drove us up to the mountain on both ways and explained the whole process very patiently during the way and before. The Paragliding it self was amazing and worth the while.
You can also easily get in touch with them via e-mail before even arriving in Georgia, and they usually answer in a reasonable time.

Mohe Mas

Mohe Mas


Great experience!
I did it!! 🙂 My first paragliding flight ever!
It was a smooth yet overwhelwing experience. It was my first flight, and it was amazing! Many thanks to Maks and Anton, you have divided my life in two parts – before the flight and after! Strongly recommend to everyone to get such experince, particularly with these guys!




Best Experience I have in Georgia ??
I tried paragliding in somewhere else and it was ok but Flying with FlyZone was 100% better than the first one and I love it and really enjoyed it. We knew about them just the day before our trip to Georgia ended. If we had known them earlier, we would had flew with the a couple of times. It is worth it and they are very professional and friendly and entertaining during the flight as well. ️ Highly recommend them.